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Computer Science Engineering

About the CSE Department

The impact of Computer Science in the current century is far more awe  – inspiring than the industrial and technological revolution of early 19th century.  India has emerged as a powerhouse of quality human resource and has achieved  global recognition for the finest breed of computer science professionals.

Sunflower  visualizes a great role that these professionals could play in shaping the future of  India and has laid emphasis in building one of the finest Computer Science  Engineering department in its institutions.

The faculty has evolved with a unique  programme and strives to go into the depths and fathom the subject of computer science as a science, an art, an engineering discipline and primarily a creative  human endeavour.

Department is fully equipped with the state of art equipment and is backed by a very experienced and dedicated faculty. The department has well established classrooms, laboratories and faculty rooms. Students gain the practical knowledge by performing experiments in software and hardware labs. The department is also developing software for keeping student records online. Students or their parents can check the records on daily basis update by the staff and faculty members. The Department aims on producing qualified and dynamic engineers in the fast changing areas of Information Technology. The course has gained paramount importance and has proved to be indispensible to the industrial establishments. The Department aims to be a center of excellence by acting as facilitator for knowledge generation and its dissemination to produce qualified professionals.

B.Tech – Computer Science & Engineering

Infrastructure & Labs

  • C Programming Lab
  • Advanced Data Structures Lab
  • UNIX and Shell Programming Lab
  • Object Oriented Programming Lab
  • Advanced English Communication Skills Lab
  • Microprocessors and Interfacing Lab
  • Embedded Systems Lab
  • Web Technologies Lab

M.Tech: Computer Science & Engineering

Infrastructure & Labs

  • Systems Lab
  • Data Structures and Advanced Algorithms Lab
  • Web Technologies Lab
  • Application Development Lab

M.Tech : Software Engineering

Infrastructure & Labs

  • Advanced Data Structures Lab
  • Mobile Computing Lab
  • Application Development lab
  • Secured Databases lab


Our endeavor is to produce to efficient computer professional endowed with innovative skills and ability to adapt to the fast changing technological environment


  • Sunflower lays an emphasis on building one of the finest computer science and engineering department through persistent and sustained focus on the quality of teaching and stress on action research
  • The department constantly updates it-self in introducing and acquainting the student with new technologies.
  • The department strives to bridge the gap between industry and academia by providing insight into the latest corporate trends and skills to increase their employability
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