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About the EEE Department

Electrical and Electronics Engineering is a field of engineering study, which binds  the conventional Electrical Technology and modern Electronic Innovations.  Sunflower aims to groom quality Electrical and Electronics Engineers with high  technical knowledge and a good practical base combined with leadership skills and  decision-making capabilities in this ever-competitive world.

The department is  equipped with the latest infrastructure in Electrical and Electronics Engineering  related programs. Faculty of the department is selected from the best in the  academics, with vast experience in various specializations like Control Systems,  Electrical Machines, Non-Conventional Energy Sources, Power Systems, Power  Electronics, and drives and controls.

B.Tech – Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Infrastructure & Labs :

  • Electrical Machines Lab
  • Electrical Circuits Lab
  • Control Systems Lab
  • Power Electronics Lab
  • Electrical Measurements Lab

M.Tech: Power Electronics and Electrical Drives

Power Electronics & Electrical Drives is a two-year full time postgraduate programme, is gradually becoming a popular part of engineering. The postgraduate level programme trains young aspirants in handling power electronics devices and their getting in – depth knowledge about their applications.

After pursuing M Tech Power Electronics & Electrical Drives, one can work in software and information technology sectors involved in power electronics and electrical drives. The list of engineering colleges, which offer M Tech (Power Electronics & Electrical Drives) course, is given below.

Infrastructure & Labs :

  • Power Electronics & Drives Lab
  • Electrical Simulation lab


 Enable students with most advanced knowledge in electrical and electronics for their success in their life.


  • A high quality education and perfect environment for students
  • Integrated with opportunities for ethics, values, leadership and team work
  • To learn and practice advanced technologies in electrical and electronics engineering plan or platforms with industry needs
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