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About the ECE Department

Electronics and Communication forms the foundation for other disciplines like  Computer Science, Information and Communication Technology.

The department of  Electronics and Communication Engineering at Sunflower was established, keeping  in view the global importance of this branch of engineering and the burgeoning  demand for professionals from this branch.

It inculcates a spirit of scientific temper  and analytical thinking and trains the students in contemporary technologies in Electronics and Communication to meet the needs of the industry.

The students are  introduced to the latest developments in various fields of this branch and the  department has faculty members with specializations in Signal Processing,  Communications, Digital Systems and VLSI Design.

The Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering at CEC commenced its Bachelor of Technology degree program in 2010. The department has well equipped labs with state of art computing facilities where R & D activities in the field of digital signal processing, image processing, multi-rate analysis and control systems are carried out. 

In Electronics Engineering Lab students get exposure to analyze, develop and design new electronic circuits or to find the possibilities to enhance the existing ones. The emphasis is given to make the students independence in handling the practical problems related with basic electrical & electronic circuit design. The Laboratory is equipped with modern instruments and has all the facilities for measurement of voltage, current , power factor of electrical circuits, speed control of DC shunt motor, start & reverse 3 phase induction motor, measuring line current and phase current in case of star & delta connected 3 phase balanced load, 3 phase power transformation, measurement of transformation ratio and transformer efficiency, block rotor test of 3 phase induction motor, displacement measurement using LVDT etc. In basic electronics mainly the emphasis is on digital circuit design and testing on bread board. The students horn the skills of using the testing and measuring instruments like cathode ray oscilloscope, digital multimeter, ammeter, voltmeter, power factor meter, watt meter and stroboscope etc.

B.Tech – Electronics & Communication Engineering

Infrastructure & Labs:

  • Integrated Circuits Applications Lab
  • Pulse & Digital Circuits Lab
  • Microprocessors and Interfacing Lab
  • Electronic Circuits Lab
  • Analog Communication Lab
  • Digital Communications Lab
  • Digital Signal Processing Lab (MAT Lab)
  • VLSI Lab
  • Electronic Devices & Circuits Lab
  • Microwaves & Optical Communication Lab

M.Tech: Digital Systems & Computer Electronics

Digital Systems & Computer Electronics is a two-year post graduate course,  emphasizes on the study and in-depth understanding of basic fundamentals of digital  systems, computer electronics and its application to solve the ever-emerging and challenging problems. Those, who have successfully completed B. Tech in related  disciplines, are eligible.

After completing M.Tech Digital Systems & Computer  Electronics course, one can find a lucrative job in device fabrication & sensory  technology, microwave engineering & radars, wavelets and signal processing etc.,  or can opt for higher studies at doctorate level

M.Tech Labs:

  • HDL Programming Laboratory
  •  Mixed Signal Simulation Laboratory


To develop competent technocrats who strive continuously in pursuit of personnel excellence in the field of electronics and communication engineering


To provide state of art technical education in electronics and communication at undergraduates and post graduate levels.

To impart high quality technical and professional education in order to mould the learners into globally competitive professionals who are professionally deft, intellectually adept and socially responsible.

To make the learners inculcate and imbibe pragmatic perception and pro-active nature, so as to enable them to acquire a vision for exploration and an insight for advanced inquiries.
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